Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At last she had her puppies now!

Wow i cant believe that Princess is laboring right now. She had her first puppy at 2:14am. She will going to have 8-9 puppies, its already 6:16am but until now she still have 3 puppies come out. They have 5-6 more puppies to go. Maybe Mike wont go work today because he know i cant handle it alone. This is my first time to help the dog labor her puppies. Its a new experience for me, its fun but i am so tired right now. I still didn't sleep yet. :-) Princess is kind a worn out right now, she is weak, the 3 puppies are nursing and it went really good. The first 3 puppies coming out are all male, they are so cute hehe :-) i will post their picture later. In a few minutes i need to check her again maybe the 4th one will come out already.

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