Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Nap time tips...

With Dustin, i make it sure that he take a nap at 1-2:00pm. Mostly he woke up around 4-4:30pm. He get used to it, its like a routine you know... as long you are consistent of doing it, i am sure the kids will follow it and will get used to.

Here are my baby nap time tips:
- Give him a snack before nap time.
- I read his favorite story book too, he loves to read book, he wont go sleep if you didn't read him book.
- Before he take a nap, i just let him play around so that he will feel tired after.
- Make it sure that he dont sleep for more than 3-4 hours because maybe at night he wont go to sleep early.
- If he doesn't seem tired at naptime, i just put him in a crib, he will go sleep anyway :-)
- Make it sure that his diaper is clean before naptime.
- If he cry, just ignore him. If it doesn't work? you just need to tell him that he needs to take a nap, or tap his back for a few minutes before you leave.

I mostly pretend to take a nap but sometimes i end up sleeping especially if i am tired and sleepy. When i saw him closing his eyes, i leave him alone and do my thing here online. It needs a lot of work though but as a parent, we need to be patience on teaching our child. We need to be flexible and remain calm so that they can learn to adopt easily. Remember, be consistent and enjoy the moment of teaching your child this baby nap time tips :-)

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