Thursday, May 22, 2008

Discipline - does it need to be harsh or rough?

How do you discipline your kids? If you disciplining them, does it need to be harsh or rough so that your kids will listen to you? or does it need to be more consistent of disciplining them? I dont know much about discipline but as a mother of my 2 year old son, of course i try my best to discipline him in a good way without hurting him that much. I see many parents treat their child harsh and rough especially when it comes to discipline. But do you think it helps them to be a good person when they grow up? I see many kids when i was in the Philippines that treated so bad with their parents. When they do something bad, their parents hit them with a big stick, put them in a sack and hanged them, let them kneel and put salt at their knees, kneel while parents put heavy books at their head and hands. It seems like this kind of stuff are not appropriate anymore for disciplining kids. I feel what kids feel you know... im scared because maybe when they grow up they will become more rebellious and they will going to hate their parents too. Its kind a scary isn't it? I dont want to make it happen with Dustin. Anyway the way i discipline my child is different, i dont give him spankin if his mistake is not that serious. But if he is acting too much, thats the time i give him spankin or pinch on his leg. He is such a mama's boy, he scared to his dad sometimes especially if his dad giving him spankin if he don't listen. If his dad giving him spankin, he go after me and give me hug and say "mom..." but im glad he know how to say sorry after he cry.

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