Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dustin Doctor's Appointment

Wednesday at 3:30pm, we went to Dino-Peds where Dustin Doctor's Appointment is. I think Dustin will going to get 1 shot for hepa. Its been almost 3 months that we never go to the doctor for Dustin's check up but im glad we had a chance to go yesterday. Dustin been really good, he even dont cry when they measure him and listen to his heartbeat. But when they start giving him a shot, he cried little bit, but he is okay after. He weight 29.6 inches, his height is 34 3/4" and his head is 19". Not that bad, his pretty healthy and i think he's growing a lot. When we get home, he fall asleep on the couch and he already feel the pain, he walk so funny hehe :-) and he cry everytime he moves his leg. I gave him tylenol and when he woke up in the morning, he is so happy that he dont feel any pain at all. When i ask him "hows your ouchy" and he says "ouchy? yehey! no ouchy!". So thats good at least he never had fever after the shot, so im happy with it.

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