Thursday, May 22, 2008

How my parents discipline me?

To tell you the truth, my past is very harsh especially at the hand of my father. He discipline us in a harsh way like giving us a kick if we did something wrong or if we can make our tasked for the day at the house. Not only a kick like a ball but he gave us a strong pinch in our arms or thighs. There's a time that he drag my hair while im talking with my friends. I dont know why he did that infront of my friends, i feel very embarrased that time. Its kind a hurt thats why i hate my father before, but when he passed away, i feel sorry about it. I know he loves us but the way he discipline us is not a good way. It makes us hated him and become rebellious. On my mother side, my mom is a good person, she dont want to see us get hurt. If we did wrong, she just talk with us and tell us, the thing we did is wrong and we need to change and not doing it again. Sometimes she gave us pinch as a discipline but its not as strong as my papa does. We love our mom and we treasure her so much. Im so thankful to her because we grow up as a good kid. Thats the way i want to discipline my kids, just like my mom does. Not so harsh, not so rough.

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