Friday, May 2, 2008

I Need to accept it...

I need to accept that we lost our baby, i know its hard but thats what life it is. God has reason why he let this happen. Maybe he has plan to give us a beautiful child this year or maybe next year. Try again is the best thing to do anyway, dont lose hope, that is everyone telling me. I never lose hope yet, but im hoping that i will going to have a healthy baby next time. It said that most women, miscarriage happens only once. So if we both ready after 3-6 months, maybe we can try again.

When you are ready...
Your health is what matters. Wait until you feel fit in body and mind before trying to get pregnant again. Until then, enjoy the time you spend with your partner. Allow yourselves to enjoy each other. Try not to let getting pregnant become your only goal. Instead, look at pregnancy as one possible outcome of a loving relationship.

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