Saturday, May 31, 2008

Im Back!

Hello to all my fellow bloggers, thanks for keep coming back in my blog i really appreciate it. Im happy to be back! Im gone for 6 days and its hard for me not to be online for that day but i cant do anything about it, our computer need to be fix and restore because we got 8 viruses on our computer. Our computer has been at Best Buy for couple of days. So it means i cant get online for 6 days. Its sad and i really missed talking with my family, check emails and do my blogging thing. Im glad its done now and we got our computer back. We got it last night at 9:00pm and im so happy with it. At last i can watch my favorite telenovela and tv series at Youtube and also blogging! i missed my blog and i missed all of my fellow bloggers, i missed many reviews this past few days and i cant wait to write a review and earn extra cash as well. So hope all of you are well and happy blogging to all!

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