Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mama's Boy?

Do you think being a mama's boy is not a good thing? I know many mommies out there treat their kids good and they show so much love especially if this is their first child. Just like me, Dustin is my first child and im so happy to have him in my life. I always give him so much attention, love and care and sometimes his daddy tell me that i spoiled dustin a lot. And it scares him because maybe when Dustin grow up, he will going to be a brat and mama's boy. Everytime Mike scolded Dustin, dustin came over me and give me a hug while his crying. He wants me to comfort him and even Mike say dont comfort him because he's been a bad boy but i cant help myself to hug him too and say its okay. He knows how to say sorry already so i teach him how to say it everytime he did wrong or make his daddy upset. He says "sorry mama", "sorry dadda". And give us a hug so its really good feeling you know. They will learn with their mistakes even they are still young. As long we still keep disciplining him in a good way so that he wont grow up as a bad boy or a brat.

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