Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dustin personality is good. He dont fight to any kids, he dont grab any toys that is not belong to him. He is waiting for his turn and play with his own. Everytime he see kids crying, he try to comfort them and say "no cry". He is such a sweet little boy, there is a time that when he is playing at the kids playground at the mall and he see a kids fall down and he help the kid to stand up and the kids crying. Maybe that little kid is scared to dustin but dustin is been good boy. He just want to help that little kid to stand up. He likes older people, he likes to give shake hands and say hi to everyone eventhough he dont know them well. Dustin never gave me hard time eversince when he was born. He can sleep good at night without bothering me, he eat whatever he wants but of course i am keep watching what he eats because mostly he likes to eat sweets like chocolate and cookies. He is funny and sometimes silly that makes me laugh a lot. He likes to imitate our dog, he likes to lick my face and show his tongue. He likes to play peekaboo on me and riding horse on my back. I know its tired but playing with him makes me happy. All my tiredness are gone everytime i see him laughing and smiling. He likes taking picture too, he is such a smiley boy like me. So far so good he is really good kid :-) He is quiet and calm.

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