Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beef Soup for lunch?

I really missed Philippine Beef Soup. So I decided to cook beef soup for lunch today. But, I don’t have enough ingredients. I called mike and told him that maybe I can go to the store with Dustin to buy the things I need for my beef soup. I don’t drive yet because I don’t have driver license, so Dustin and I walk to the store at city market, few blocks away from the house. I bring the stroller with us so that its not hard for Dustin to walk, when he get tired then he can ride the stroller. I got the things I need but I was confused how to start. Well, anyway I do my own way, I put the onions and garlic with water. When its boiling, I add the salt and pepper to taste and add the beef ribs. After few minutes I added tomatoes and potatoes. When its almost done I add the Chinese cabbage and add fish sauce. It turns out good though hehe. Its been a long time I never cook beef soup but im glad It turns out okay, so I have beef soup for my lunch!

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