Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Body Pain

I know its normal to get body pain after workout. Yesterday Mike and I workout at Gold’s Gym and I think I over workout hehe… I used many kinds of workout facilities. And I am very confused which one to use and what to do next. Mike told me that I need to focused and concentrate the workout, he said workout is not a game. If you are willing to built some muscle, for example you need to start on legs and arms then the rest you can do it next time for your next visit. Don’t workout with all your body parts in one time because it will give you so much pain especially if you didn’t do it right. Yesterday I workout a lot. I work with my back, arms, legs, abs and chest. Right now I feel so much pain. Its my fault though because I get overwhelmed to all workout facilities they have. Tomorrow, maybe we can workout again, so we do alternate this time. If we cant go tomorrow, I am sure we will go Friday.

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