Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Change Nap Time Schedule

This past few days i noticed that Dustin changed his nap time schedule, instead of taking nap at 2-3pm, it changed into 6-7pm. I try to force him to take a nap in the afternoon but even how hard i try, he dont want to go sleep. He just want to play his cars, watching his favorite movie "Night at the Museum" and go outside playing with his wagon. Imagine? he wants to watch Night at the Museum whole day, he always complain everytime i turn of the DVD. I think he loves the movie because he can see many different kind of animals especially the Dinosour. He can say the "Dinosour" very clear and i always heard him laughing and say "run run, oh no dinosour! run fast!".. hehe :-) Anyway, he never give me hard time though, i just let him watch it whenever he wants but it makes me worried also because i dont want him to get addicted with this movie. Maybe i can buy him a DVD that has moral lesson like those kids movies or those DVD for toddlers. Yesterday, he take a nap at 7:00pm and he never woke up after an hour so he sleep for the whole night. I try to wake him up but he is really knock out :-) when i transfer him on the crib, he didn't woke up. He sleep really good, he woke up at 3:00am to go potty and go back to sleep after. Today is still the same he take a nap at 7:00pm, well i need to wake him up though before its bed time.

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