Monday, June 23, 2008

Dustin first movie...

Dustin first movie at the theater is "the Incredible Hulk". We watch this movie last Saturday. We cant wait to see this movie thats why we decided to watch it at the theater. I thought they wont allow kids ages 2-3 years old but i was very surprised because they allowed it here. In the Philippines its different, they wont allow kids to watch movie if they are not ages 4 in above. Anyway, Dustin enjoy watching movie with us. He is very serious and quiet. He always say "wow" and "oh no" everytime he see helicopter, cars and the 2 monster (the hulk and abomination). That fight scene is really great! we love it. I think this movie is better than the first and the second Incredible Hulk. If this movie is out on DVD? i am sure we will going to buy one. I want to see it again and i think Dustin will love to see this movie again too. If you never see this movie yet? go to the nearest theater on your area and watch this movie. You dont want to missed this movie!

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