Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dustin got a boboo...

What kids mostly say when they hurt themselves? or if they got a cut? I noticed that most of the kids says "mama, i got a boboo". I trained Dustin to say "ouchy" if he get hurts or got a cut. But Mike says "its a boboo", thats why Dustin say that way also. This afternoon before we had our dinner, Dustin run going to the kitchen and i think he forgot his brake thats why he end up hitting himself on the sliding door and accidentally hit his knee at the side table. He cried after and says "mama ouchy, knees boboo". So i told him nothing to worry about, everything will be okay, mama will put an ointment and band aid. But he never stop crying. So after we eat, i put him on the couch and let him lay down to relax. He wants me to take off the band-aid so i take it off and after a while, he fall asleep. I know he is tired because he didn't take a nap this afternoon. He still sleeping until now, so i transfer him to our bed and later i will transfer him to his crib. Hopefully he will be okay tomorrow and wont feel any pain on his knees.

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