Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dustin new haircut

Dustin hair is kind a bit curly and messy. I think he got that hair from his daddy, Mike has curly hair too when he was a kid. This is the 2nd time i cut his hair. I like to shave his hair because he look better when he is bald. I called him "shaolin kid". I think i like him bald at least i dont need to comb his hair. He look better now than before when he has hair hehe ;-) i know Mike dont agree when i told him that i cut Dustin's hair this morning but i told him dont worry because next time i wont shave or cut his hair, we will let it grow and see how he looks like when he grow his hair long. This is a photo of Dustin, the first photo taken yesterday and the second one is his new haircut taken this morning.

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