Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keep myself busy

Morning until afternoon, I felt very sad. Maybe I can still remember about what happen yesterday in the restaurant. I feel embarrassed because Mike left in the restaurant even though I am not done eating yet. I understand why he does that, I know he feel embarrassed every time Dustin scream and cry at the restaurant. He says it wont happen again because we will never go eat in the restaurant anymore. It hurts me you know but I need to let it go and forget it. So instead of thinking about what happen that time, I decided to keep myself busy. I just watch TV with Dustin, play the puppies outside and at 6-7:00pm, I request Mike to turn the mower so that I can cut the grass in our front yard. I pull some of the weeds also. It was fun and it helps me forget everything. Mike help me out and it seems like nothings happen. Its kind a weird though, but its okay at least we’re okay now.

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