Monday, June 2, 2008

My Beauty Secret

Got this tag from Laradee, thanks for sharing this tag, sorry for the late post. So here are my beauty secrets! Please feel free to grab this tag if you read this message. thank you and have a great day everyone! Happy Blogging!

My Foundation: Before i used Maybeline Foundation but right now, im using Mary Kay Mineral Foundation.
My Mascara: Cover girl
My Blush: Maybeline.
My Day Cream: Olay complete.
My Lipstick: Mary Kay lipstick and Loreal
My Essential Beauty Product: Clean and Clear, Olay cream for my face. Olay Body Wash and Pantene shampoo & conditioner for my hair.
My favorite Make-up product: Covergirl, Avon and Mary Kay.
My Perfume: Victoria Secret Perfume
My Nails: I like cleaning my toe nails and put color on it but sometimes it makes me lazy to do it hehe :-).
My Feet: I always rub lotion on my foot.
My hands: I use different kind of lotion in my hands and i also use hand sanitizer.
Women I admire for their beauty: I like Melisa Miller beauty, the Victoria Secret Model.
Women with the best Sense of Style: i cant think of anything hehe :-)
My ultimate dream: To be a good wife to Mike and be a good mother to Dustin.
My favorite fashion Publication: Many to mention.

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