Monday, June 2, 2008

My Child and I...

Thanks Jo for passing this tag, i really appreciate it. Its nice to share photos especially when it comes to our child. Im proud to be a mommy and i know all mommies feel the same way. So here are some of the photos of me and my 2 year old son Dustin.

This photo taken last 2nd of January 2006 when i labor our first baby "Dustin Michael".

This photo taken at Denver Zoo last 2006. Dustin is 4 months old at this photo.

This photo taken last October 2006 when we visit Mike's mom at Michigan. I forgot the name of the place, but the view are amazing in here. Dustin is 5 months old at this photo. He is bald and really a cutie chubby boy :-) Im proud to be a mommy!

This is the latest photo of me and dustin. He is wearing his pajamas because its time to go night2x already when i took this photo :-) He is such a sweet boy. He loves to cuddle and hug me and he loves to smile infront of the camera.

Rules :
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Master List :1. Juliana's Site 2. Moms.....check nyo 3.PinayWAHM 4. Surviving deployment 5. Live Love Life 6. Femikey Parenting Journey. 7. Your link here...

I am passing this tag to all mommies at my Blogroll. Please feel free to grab this tag if you are a mommy. Thanks! Happy blogging to all!

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