Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our puppy was sick...

One of our puppy was sick, she got lymph nodes, puppy strangles and eye infection. We just found out last Thursday when we bring our puppy to the Vet. Mike said the puppy was fine in the morning but in the afternoon while im giving them fresh water and food, I noticed that one of our puppy got swolen eyes. So I call Mike right away to tell him about the puppy, when he came home from work, we bring the puppy right away to the Emergency Vet at the Grand Valley and the doctor find out that the puppy has this kind of illness. We thought that our puppy just had allergy and eye infection. We didn't know that this will going to happen. The puppy is still 7 weeks old and she really needs more attention and love right now. Thats why we gave her so much attention and we try to keep him separated with other puppies to avoid passing this sickness to other dogs. She starting to feel better last night but this morning I noticed that her eyes get swolen again but not that serious, Mike gave him an antibiotic, I think that helps her a lot but it knocks her out too hehe. She has an appointment tomorrow for her follow-up check up and hopefully the results will be okay tomorrow. Will see :)

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