Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stella 's Owner...

Do you know who Stella is? Stella is the name of the female brindle mastiff, she is puppy number 8. The owner gave her a name “Stella”, they are our first buyer who reserve the puppy. Stella cost $800 and they gave us deposit for $100. Stella is really a big girl, she is the biggest female mastiff. I think they really had a best choice. They are happy with the results. When they see Stella? they are very happy to see that the puppy they choose are really growing so fast. Its really worth with the money they payed. They will take the puppy home first week of July. They will be 2 months old this July 07. I am sure her little girl “Lily” would be happy if they will bring Stella with them this coming first week of July. They will come back here next month to get Stella. I will gonna miss puppy number 8 because she is my favorite.

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