Thursday, June 26, 2008

Welcoming a new baby!

My sister labored her second baby yesterday, its 7.1 lbs baby boy. I am very happy to know that she already labored. I thought she will going to labor end of this month but she told me that yesterday morning at 3:00am, she is on hard labor because blood came out first. So, my mom bring her to the nearest hospital at DMC (Davao Medical Center). My brother in law was not there because he work at Panabo and my younger sister went to her friend house that’s why my mom is the one who bring her to the hospital and they called my auntie (sister of my mom) to watch the house while they are gone. Im glad she is fine and she have a healthy baby boy. They named him dave jhon, cute name huh? I just saw the baby at the webcam and I saw him crying. I think he don’t want to be expose at the webcam. Wish I could see my niece. But anyway, this photo taken from my webcam. Its not so clear but the baby really looks so cute! hehe :-) Welcome baby!

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