Saturday, July 26, 2008

6 months preggy...

I remember when im working my visa application before last 2005. I met this girl name Janice, she's really nice and she help me to find the seminar location. She offer to go with us that day because she knew where the seminar is, she lives in Manila thats why she is very familiar with the place. She also processing her visa and married to the white guy from Minnesota. We just talk yesterday and i found out that she is 6 months pregnant. For a very long time waiting at last, she get pregnant. I know she is happy and im glad to talk with her yesterday. We talk a lot and she help me on how to renew my residency status because it was expired already. So mike and i talked about it and hopefully we could renew my residency before its too late. But we need to save money first before renewing my residency status because we still need to pay $575. It sounds a lot but i am sure its worth it. Well, im so happy to hear that she is pregnant and i told her also that i am 2 months pregnant so we are hoping that we can both have a healthy babies!

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