Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleepy head...

This afternoon, Dustin didn't take a nap so it means, he will be tired tonight for our bible study. He did pretty good though, he did not make noise and he is so quiet sitting on his chair. When our group bible study start, I noticed that Dustin starting to get tired and he want to go sleep. I told him to sit on his daddy's lap so that he can sleep. First, he is just staring on us then when mike take his hand and put him to his lap, he fall asleep right away. He sleep about an hour, he woke up when mike put him in the car seat. When we came home, he demand to turn off the lights and put his pajama's on, he also ask for a glass of milk and after that he fall asleep on our bed. I just transfer him to his crib because its already 9:30pm. I know he is so tired, he dont like to take a nap in the afternoon. He keep fighting with it and he just want to play in the afternoon and watch movie. It seems like his nap time schedule was changed.

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