Friday, July 18, 2008

First Prenatal Check-up...

I was very excited for my prenatal check up this morning and i cant wait to see the baby inside me. I was very nervous also because how if the baby's heart is not functioning or having problem? I dont know if i can take it but im glad it went out really well. My doctor ask me if i really feel that im pregnant and i say of course i do because i already have symptoms for being pregnant. I just had miscarriage last April and after 2 months, we are very surprised because i found out that im positive. I try 2 pregnancy test and they have same results. For my first prenatal, my doctor try to find the baby in my lower belly instead of vaginal method. She was so happy that the baby is there and the heart really beating so fast. And she said congratulation! I am happy also to see the baby and we got a picture too. I am hoping that this baby will be healthy just like Dustin. Im starting to take prenatal vitamins to make it sure that my baby is healthy. So thats really a good news and we are both happy! I cant wait to experience to be a mother again for the second time. Either a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter as long the baby is healthy and normal. My second appointment will be this coming August 8. So will see. Im 7 weeks pregnant now! :-)

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