Thursday, July 10, 2008


Is your kids get frustrated for something like when his building a blocks or playing his toys? My 2 year old son does. He get easily frustrated when the blocks he build falls or knock down. He cried right away. If his toy get broken and he wants to fix it and he cant fix it, he gets mad and cry. I tried to teach him not to cry and try to build another blocks. Dont give up and try to build it again. But his frustration becomes more irritated to me sometimes. I dont know how he got that attitude but it seems like he got it from his daddy hehe :-) anyway, at least he didn't get frustrated when some other kids play with him or if there's an adult watching him playing. But when he played alone? his frustration getting worst. It bothers mike a lot but for me, i understand because he is a kid you know. I just need to assist him and tell him that when it falls, he need to put it back and build another one. Thats easy and no need to cry or scream. :-)

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