Friday, July 18, 2008

Injured back?

Mike didn't work for one week because of his fractured back. His doctor appointment was Thursday and his boss said maybe he can take the sick leave. Well... im glad everything is fine now. When we went to his doctor, the doctor said its not a the disc who get injured. Its just a legaments and muscles so it will heal in a couple of days. If he got a fractured disc on his back, then he might beg to his doctor to give him a shot.

When he hear the good news, he was very happy and he went work out in the afternoon that day. But he didn't work at his back that time instead he work with his shoulder and chest. The doctor said that he need to stretch his back, it helps him to feel better and not feel sore at his back. Im glad its not a serious injury and i feel at ease now to know that in a few days he feel better and he can go back to work next week.

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