Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is hot tub safe for pregnant women?

I like to be in a hot tub or in a jacuzzi but they said if you are pregnant its not safe because it can cause child defects or miscarriage. So its too risky for a pregnant women to be in a hot tub. I think the baby cant handle the temperature of the water thats why most of the pregnant women lost their baby. They said its okay to stay for few minutes not longer 5-10 minutes. But if its too risky then why not go right?

This afternoon, after mike and i work out, we go to the pool and mike was at the steam room and he go to jacuzzi after. The pool was cold and mike dont like cold water. So i stay alone at the pool even without him. After im done swimming at the pool, i go where mike is and I read the sign board that says "pregnant women are not allowed to be in a hot tub unless they have permission at their physician". I am 1 month pregnant and mike said its not okay for me and the baby. So i decided not to be in jacuzzi but i just put my feet in the water.

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