Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look what i've got!

This afternoon after lunch, i went to the filipino food store together with Dustin. I already had my driver license so this is my chance to go at the store without mike. I am happy to find everything that i like from corned beef, dried fish, pancit canton, fish, tocino, longganisa and frozen fish from Philippines. Not only that i got polvoron, sky flakes, otap, oishi crackers snack, arrozcaldo in a cup and a lot more. I payed about $70 for everything. It was kind a expensive but its worth it. I missed all filipino food and i cant wait to go back to the Phillippines again. I dont know when but maybe after 2-3 years from now. :-)


Allen's Darling said...

wow super kadamo man yan oi buti pa u fe you know how 2 drive na. And i am jealous too. I really wish i will buy a garage sale too. But my hubby wouldn't let me. He didn't take me there i always tell him about garage sale...cry cry cry

Lara said...

Gipakyaw naman nimo Fe, naa pa'y nabilin didto sa Filipino Store? Dugay-dugay nami wala kaadto ni Larry kay naglikay sa expenses ha,ha dili jud malikayan pag didto na gani makapalit makagasto jud ug dako-dako ba. Mao ba gihapon ang tag-iya sa Filipino Store si "Tita"? kay last namo storya iya man to ibaligya iya balay pati ang store kay mag move sya Las Vegas.