Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Puppy #5 buyer...

This afternoon i receive a call from one of our buyer. They said they will come by this afternoon to check puppy number 5. I think they had really good choice on choosing that #5 puppy (female fawn). Puppy number 5 is really pretty dog. The color is light fawn with black mask. She's really pretty. She gain weight this week and we ask for $750 with that puppy. Next week after they came back from their vacation, they will going to pick up the puppy and pay the rest. We ask cash no check :-). We cant wait to get rid of our puppies. Why? Because they all chewed our plants outside the yard, they chew the wall inside the house, they go pee and poo in the carpet. Its a lot of work to us hehe but its a lot of money though so its okay. We just need to wait next week for buyer to come by and pick up their puppies :-) We still have 1 more male brindle mastiff available, so maybe if you are interested please let us know :-)

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