Saturday, July 26, 2008

Treasure Hunting all day!

Starting in the morning until afternoon, mike and i decided to go to the park to try our Tesoro Metal Detector and we are both hoping that we can find a valuable stuff but too bad because we found junk hehe :-) Mostly Mike found an alluminum foil, nails, bolts, bottle and can cap not so valuable though but i know mike really enjoy trying his metal detector. While he's doing the treasure hunting, Dustin and I are busy playing in the playground. Thats why it really makes me so tired after an hour of playing and watching Dustin. Then after spending time at the park, we decided to go for a garage sale until noon time. We just had pizza for lunch. Its so tiring, we only find few good stuff like clothes and toys for dustin. Around 1:30pm we went home and take a nap. When we woke up at 4:00pm, we went to the ink shop to buy a black ink for our printer and went to the park after to continue our treasure hunting. It was a very tiring day for me, watching dustin makes me really exhausted. It seems like he dont feel tired at all. He keep playing, sliding, go to the swing and climb everywhere. So now, when we get home, my leg are very sore and im totally knock out hehe :-) Need to massage my foot before i go to bed. :-) Our treasure hunting was fun but its tired. Maybe tomorrow we will try our metal detector at the park here in Orchard Mesa area. Will see what we got tomorrow, hopefully not junk hehe :-)

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