Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waiting for my driver license

I cant wait to get my driver license! hopefully this week i can get my driver license through postal mail because they said they will send it at the mail after a week or two, so maybe next week. Well, while waiting for my driver license, Mike let me drive everytime we go to the store. So it makes me feel comfortable driving using our ford truck. I thought it will be hard for me to handle that car but im so glad i can handle it well. I like driving that car and hopefully Mike will buy me a small car that just right for my size hehe :-) im thinking about a little bug or maybe mercedes benz. We have 2 car already, one is ford truck and the other one is Yukon, so i dont know if i can get another car, maybe we can exchange the other one into a small one hehe :-)

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