Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dustin go outside alone?

Dustin love to go outside without putting his shoes on. He walks bare foot especially if he sneak to go out without letting me know. It makes me worry all the time. One time while im outside feeding our dogs, when i came back? the front door was open and dustin was outside picking flowers in our neighbors yard and sometimes he walk at the mail box too. The last time he went outside was last week, i was watching movie at youtube that time and i thought he is watching movie in our bedroom but when i check it, he's not there anymore and the front door is open except the screen door that is closed. Our neighbor bring him back to me and she said she found Dustin at Oxford street, 1 block away from our house near to our mail box. I was scared to death that time, but im thankful that they bring Dustin back. And this afternoon, he go outside again alone but im glad i saw him right away. He is crying because his feet hurt. So now, i am sure he cant get out anymore because i now checked that the front door is locked. We have 3 locks in our front door and the 3rd lock is on the top where he cant reach it.

Kids at the age of 2 just like my son Dustin. They are very curious in everything, they always love to explore and they are very stubborn sometimes. They dont want to listen. We cant watch our kids all the time, there's a time that we get busy doing some household chores. Well, we just need to make it sure that the door is locked so that they cant get out. Check them once in a while. We need to tell them that going out alone without telling mommy and daddy is bad because how if? something will going to happen to them and get hit by the car or been kidnap? What will you do? thats the scariest thing that would happen and as a mother i dont want to make it happen to my little boy.

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