Friday, July 4, 2008

Want to eat Jicama

This afternoon, im starting to feel like “I want to eat Singkamas in English they called “Jicama”. Mike ask “why I want to eat Jicama? He says “before you don’t eat Jicama when you came here in Colorado but now you are really eager to find Jicama“. Why not right? I just saw Jicama when I went to Albertson. And I really want it so I decided to buy 3 pieces of big Jicama. Its not as good and juicy like in the Philippine Singkamas but it looks the same. Anyway, im so happy that I bought Jicama and im glad they have it here in Grand Junction. Tomorrow, we need to go to the Filipino store here in grand Junction area so that I can buy Filipino corned beef, pansit canton, pansit, dried fish, tocino and maybe bangus too (milk fish). Hopefully the store will be open tomorrow or else we can go to the Oriental Store, maybe they have some Filipino stuff.

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