Monday, July 7, 2008

What a smart dog...

Jackrussel terrier is one of the smartest dog i've ever known. We have 11 years old jackrussel and to tell you the truth? sometimes he drive us nuts. He is such a noisy, grouchy old dog. He knows how to open the door using his teeth and paws. I cant imagine how he can open our sliding door. Even at night if he hear noise outside, he grawls and bark right away. It wakes us up of course. He is a big help for us especially if there's a bad people coming inside our backyard. He can even catch rats and any kind of small animals hiding on the ground. He is scared on thunder, rain, lighting or even fire works. He is shaking and wining like crazy. Actually we lock him up outside and he really wants to get inside. Too bad he cant get in. Why? because Mike double lock the gate hehe :-) Last time he make a big hole in our screen window. Mike was really pissed of what he did. Now, we need to fix our screen window and make it sure that he cant reach it. Poor Bandit hehe :-) He is already old thats why his acting like that, or maybe its his nature to do that way. What a smart dog! :-)

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