Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Rants

Last weekend, instead of going to garage sale we decided to go to the park in the morning until lunch time to find lost items, try to find treasure you know. But you know what? i found some coins, and most of them are just aluminum foil and junk. Then after lunch, we go to LOWES to buy new tarps to cover the dog kennel. The old tarps already ruined because the dog chewing it. It was so hot that time and it gives me headache. So while Mike putting the new tarps, im helping him everytime he called me but i am on the shade all the time. Its not good for me to be in the sun for a long time because i will feel dizzy.

Dustin having good time, i put bandana on him just like his daddy and they are look the same! he is so cutie and he always ask where's the camera is. So i grab the camera and take picture of him. I took a nice photo of him while he is smiling and sitting down in the shade :-)
I gave him a bath in his little pool too. He really enjoyed it a lot, it takes him about an hour or two to get done because he really dont want to get out in the water. In the first photo as you can see, he is shaking because the water is cold. But it dont bother him that much, he still like it even the water is cold hehe :-) He take a nap after. I think he is really tired of swimming and playing in the water and be in the sun for the whole day.

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