Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Get a shot...

Mike didn't work today, he ask for sick leave for one day because he has his doctor appointment this afternoon around 12:15 pm. He will going to get a shot on his lower back. He suffer so much pain with that and i think giving him a shot on his back is a good thing to do than having a surgery. I think it helps a lot because the doctor give him the right dose to lessen the pain on his lower back. He feel pain also in his finger, next to the thumb. He need to make another appointment, maybe next month. His doctor recommend him to go to orthopaediatric - that is hand specialist that will give him a shot on his finger. The doctor didn't give him a shot on his finger while they giving him a shot on his back because its not their job to do that thats why he recommended him to other doctor. Next month, Sept. 12, my mother-in-law will visit us here for a 1 week and 2 weekends vacation. Mike will going to use his vacation leave so that he can spend time to his mom. I am sure it will be exciting! I cant wait also for my next appointment for my 3rd prenatal check up this coming September 8. So will see what the baby look like that time hehe :-) Im excited!

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