Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Is Sugar makes the kids hyper and more energetic?

Dustin loves candy, chocolate, cookies, soda and everything that is sweet. Thats why sometimes i am thinking maybe thats the reason why he is so energetic and hyper. In the afternoon he dont want to take a nap, he just love to go play and go out in the backyard. Mike told me that i need to stop feeding him those kind of food that full of sugar, because Dustin becomes more hyper and grouchy. Just like this afternoon, he didn't take a nap, he really makes me tired. I get irritated especially if he acted too much. He loves to giggle, pinch, jump, move all over especially if you try to put him on your lap. I spank him sometimes if he acted that way, just let him know that i am the boss and he need to listen to me as his mommy. So i am not sure if the sugar is the reason why he acted like this. What do you think?

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