Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pain makes you grouchy?

I noticed that most people suffer pain or something that makes them not feel good and sick are always grouchy and not in mood. One of the example is my hubby, i understand why he act mean and grouchy because he feel so much pain on his lower back and shoulder. So everytime we have misunderstanding or if he is not in mood i knew right away that he is not in good mood to talk or he will get easily mad if i did something wrong or if i dont understand what he is saying. I dont react right away because i know where i will stand on this situation. Instead of talking back to him, i remain quiet and calm. I talk with him if he is in good mood and sometimes i make a joke on him to make him laugh. How about you? do you feel the same way? For me if i am not feeling good or if i feel something that is painful, yeah i admit i am grouchy too sometimes. I am easily get mad and frustrated and i just want to lay down most of the time and not to talk to anybody. But of course i can control my feelings hehe :-)

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