Thursday, August 7, 2008

Trying to find treasure

Last night after dinner, we went to the park and try our 2 metal detector. One for Mike and one for me. He got the Tesoro and i use the new Garrett Metal Detector that he bought for me. It was fun! but im telling you, digging in a grass is hard hehe :-) guess what i found? i didn't found good valuable lost items, instead i found a junk like alluminum foil, nail and a piece of metal and wires. Mike found some coins but i never find one! Well... i think it takes a lot of time to practice and recognized the sounds. Its fun because dustin is trying to help me dig the ground. He is the one who's holding the shovel and he gave it to me everytime i ask it for him. Hopefully the weather this afternoon will be okay so that we can go to the park again and see what we could find!

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