Monday, September 22, 2008

Check up...

Mike make a Doctor's Appointment for this morning at 9:40 am. We want to make it sure if Dustin is okay because he have a fever, runny nose and teary eyes. He sneeze a lot too. Im glad that the Doctor said that Dustin is okay. Its not that serious, we're just need to give him tylenol every 4 hours. Maybe its just a reaction of the weather especially now that "Fall" already start. After we went to the Doctor for Dustin's appointment we go directly to Grand Junction Airport. My mother-in-law will leave Grand Junction around 1:00pm but we need to be there at 11:30 am. She will go back to Michigan already. Her 10 days vacation is done. We will going to miss her, Dustin start looking for her always saying "mommy where is lola?" i always tell him that "lola go back to michigan now and he ride on the big plane". We're kind a emotional this afternoon, i know how Mike's feeling. Being away from your mother is hard and you only see her every once a year. Hopefully we can see her more. I also missed my mama from the Philippines. Wish we can go back to Philippines next year :-)

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