Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dustin got cold...

I noticed yesterday that Dustin has a runny nose. But i thought it just nothing, i gave her a bath this morning and when we go to the meeting, it seems like his runny nose get worst and it turns into fever. He's not grouchy though, if you look at him, you will never guess if he is sick or not because he act normal. He play and talk a lot. He's still has a lot of energy. He fall asleep at the meeting and Mike told me that Dustin has a cold because of the way he breath. Its like snoring but it came from his nose. He also got teary eyes on his right eyes. When the meeting's done and we went home, i gave him tylenol to reduce his fever and let him rest for a while. After an hour, he looks better and the fever went down, then we decided to have dinner and walk around grand juction downtown, but instead of walking in downtown we end up eating at Chili's because store in downtown are all closed on Sunday. We forget about that hehe :-) Anyway, after dinner at Chili's we get a treat at Dairy Queen, i got a strawberry sundae. We also let Dustin play at the park for a little while, he having fun but when we went home he looks tired and sad. So i put him on the bed and changed him and gave him tylenol again because its already 4 hours before i gave him tylenol this afternoon. Hopefully his fever will go down and tomorrow he will feel better and be an active, happy and energetic boy again. :-)

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