Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Problem

Im talking with my sister from the Philippines and she told me that my younger sister cherry ann already living on his boyfriend and she never came home since last Friday. That’s a big problem because we have 5 kids in the house, and only my elder sister Imee and my mom are the one working and helping each other. When it comes to washing clothes, they are happy that I bought them washing machine. I think it helps a lot for them so that they don’t need to wash all the clothes by hand. My younger sister is a pain in a butt, you know why? Because she don’t listen to my mama and even to me and my sister. She thinks that everything she did was right even though she is wrong. She don’t accept mistake, she is very stubborn and do whatever she wants. I understand why she act like that because of her defects (she cant talk straight). She is like that since she was born. She always feel conscious and always feel embarrass in front to everyone because everyone called her “amang” or bulol”. I felt bad about her because she’s living now with her boyfriend and she don’t want to go home anymore, because she said, she is tired watching reynen (the son of my cousin) which is our adopted and tired for helping the candy making. I don’t know if she will going to have a good future or not because I felt like she don’t have good future on her boyfriend. Her boyfriend don’t have job and I don’t know how her boyfriend and her can survive. I try to help her but it seems like it didn’t work. So I don’t know what will happen to her. Hope she will open her mind and try to do something good to herself and think about her future.

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Lara said...

I feel sorry to hear about that. I understand how it feels, makalagot jud no? mao pud na hitabo sa ako younger brother, ako gipa eskwela didto sa Cebu. Sige pangayo kwarta nako unya pagkahuman ni sulti nako nga magmenyo na daw sya. Ni hilak jud ko sa ako kalagot kay what is sa ako naman pud magpakitabang para sa ila kasal. Hangtud karon mao gihapon na triple na hinuon kay naa naman sila anak. Ug magkaproblema dali-dali dayon ug chat nako or text sa ako mama kay mangayo. Hahay... wajud ta'y bawut ani Fe.