Monday, September 22, 2008

Infrared Sauna

Mike and I love Sauna. Everytime we go workout, we also spend most of our time in Sauna. But that was before when Im not pregnant. I remember that Mike told me that Sauna is really good for your health because it takes away all your pain including the arthritis, joint stiffness, sore throat, asthma, high blood pressure, aging, detoxification of the body, it increases extensibility of Collagen tissue and a lot more. This is really a good therapy. Hope we can get one so that in case my mom will be here then she can use it. Talking about Saunas, I know a website that sell Infrared Saunas for a very affordable price. Starting at $1995, you can have your own sauna. Try the Far Infrared Saunas at Its free shipping! so hurry and get your infrared saunas now!

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