Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lock him up!

Since Dustin put milk in our fish tank, im started to lock him up here in the computer room. Not totally lock him in a room but i put gate to make it sure that he cant go to the living room while im here in our computer room. I put gate in the whole way, so he can only go either in our bedroom or here in our computer room. I can easily see and watch him. Thats a good thing though, now that he is growing up and he learned a lot now. I need to be more careful. Kids are smart, we never know what they will going to do. So as a mother i need to keep away all the cleaning stuff, make it sure that its locked and away from him especially the sharp things like knife or even sharp toys. The door? i always make sure that its locked coz the last time i didn't lock the door, he went outside and went to our neighbors house, it scared me to death that . So from now on, i dont want to make it happen again. Hopefully he will cooperate hehe :-)

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