Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need to eat more!

I am the type of person that dont like to eat midnight snack. I eat 3 times a day only and just a regular meal with rice. I dont like sweet food so much like candy, chocolate, cookies. I eat just one or two pieces thats all. Im kind a picky, sometimes i like sour food and i really missed Philippine mango a lot especially the unripe one. I only eat when im hungry but my doctor said i need to eat more so that i can gain weight especially now that i am pregnant. The baby needs more nutrients. Well, from now on, i will try to eat more and hopefully i will gain weight for my next visit next month of October. We will going to find out if the baby is boy or girl too! Im still in my 14 weeks pregnancy. For my next visit, they will do the ultrasound and will see what the baby look like. Im excited and curious hehe :-)

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