Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Not gaining weight?

When we went to my OB-Gyne doctor yesterday for my prenatal check up. I found out that i never gain any weight, im 87 lbs for my last visit last month and yesterday i weight the same hehe :-) Well... even i eat a lot i never gain any weight. I dont know why. When i had my first baby i weight the same and when im 8-9 months pregnant with Dustin, i reach 94 lbs only but when i labor Dustin i go back to 86-87 lbs. Im 84 lbs when im single hehe :-) Im very light and petite. My doctor said, your so tiny, how come the baby fit there on your tummy. Well, there is a way! hehe :-) Dustin came out healthy but i have C-Section because Dustin is breech. I think i will going to have CSection again for our second baby. That is the best option i can choose for. Its kind a scary but i rather to have CSection than normal labor. Im scared maybe i will lose my breath if i do normal labor. hehe :-) Will see after 9 months, next year! :-)

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