Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Fish Tank...

Do you know what happen to our fish tank? it becomes white and blured. At first i didn't noticed it but when i look at the fish tank i was wondering why it becomes white. I just found out when Dustin came to me and said "mommy, dustin wash hands fish, fish eat milk". So i knew it! Dustin wash his hand at the fish tank and pour his glass of milk there and also his fish crackers. I was really worried coz maybe the fish will die, i tried to take the fish out and clean it but i need to wait Mike till he get home from his bible study, then we can change the water in our fish tank and change the filter too. Until now the fish tank still blurry and white, hopefully nothing will happen to the fish.

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Shawndra said...

My kiddo just put egg nog in our fishtank. I googled it because I don't want my fish to die...came across your webpage.