Monday, September 22, 2008

Tippmann a5

Do you have nothing to do today? How about playing paintball? Did you know that paintball become recognized as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor sports? Most people who like to do outdoors stuff like this type of sports and I like this kind of game too. I never played paintball before but one of my friends invited me to play paintball together with her other friends last 2 months ago but I didn’t go with them because no one will watch Dustin and I don know if Mike would allow me to play. Anyway, I even don’t have thing to use to play paintball but my friend recommend me to get it at Guess what? I found the one that I like, I need to get a tippmann a5 for only $399.95. Im looking forward to try this game with Mike and friends, I am sure he will really like to play this game. Its fun and exciting! So if you are looking for a paintball guns and stuff, I am recommending because they have everything you need especially when it comes to this outdoor sports the “Paintball”.

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