Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Big bear vacation rentals

There are many Filipinos living in California. I have a friend who live there in Big bear, LA and San Diego area. Isn’t that nice if we can come visit them and spend a week vacation in California? Driving to Las Vegas is only take 8 hours and I am sure California is the next city after Vegas. Not that far but hopefully we can come visit there. But because of today’s economy, I don’t think if that’s still possible. We need to wait until we can get our tax return so that we can have enough budget to travel again for next year. But wait a minute, I heard that offers a good deal and great prices for California Vacation Rentals. It said we can save money if we choose the Vacation rentals by owner at This is a great option to choose, instead of staying in the Hotel, then why not stay in one of the vacation rentals by owner? That’s a good idea isn’t it? Maybe we can bring some of our friends to stay with us in one of their homes, villas, condos and cabins and we can just split the bill, we can save money and we can enjoy our vacation together with my fellow Pinay friends! How about you? You can do the same too! You can choose the vacation rental in Palm Spring, LA, San Diego, Big bear vacation rentals, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and many more! Visit now for more information about their vacation rentals especially at Big bear vacation rentals!

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