Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crockpot Time!

Its been a long time i never used our crockpot. I missed cooking dinner through crockpot, its easier and no hassle. You can prepare in the morning and you can have a good tasty food for dinner. Yesterday, i bought a chuck roast and vegetables in can like carrots and beans. Then i decided to cook pot roast. I make an easy recipe. First i cut onions and put in a crock pot, i put the pot roast on the top of it. I seasoned with salt and pepper and add beef brooth. I let it cook for about 8 hours on low. I add the carrots and french style beans when its already almost 6 hours and let it cook for more than 2 hours. So the cooking takes approximately 7-8 hours on low. It smells good and its tasty too! Why not try it on your home and see how easy it is :-)

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